1st stage

Study and understanding of the project.

This stage permits us to get to know each other and understand what your expectations are. It also enables us to have a more precise view of your needs to reflect them in our creations.

2nd stage

Proposal: fragrance, bottle and packaging

We work with perfumers and perfume designers that we have very carefully selected to provide the best solutions to our customers. Our objective is to offer you the necessary elements to achieve added value for your project. What is most important is to offer you the solution most suited to your needs with our knowledge and advice.

3rd stage

Validation of the project according to international regulations

Our experience and know-how permits us to develop projects in compliance with current legislation.

4th stage

Product launch

Our workshops comply with legal manufacturing requirements.

5th stage

Project delivery and follow-up

We compare and organise the shipping of your products to their end destination. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, should you require any additional information.
Product shipping can be separated from the project if you wish.